3 Element All Active High Impedance Receiving Array



   All the recent arrays I have designed are now using power over coax from the controller to supply power to the Hi-Z amps at the bottom of each element. This requires a power wire to the controller. The ground can be carried over the Connecting coax shield or a separate wire. This array uses 4 wires to control the direction of the array. They are simple switch closure to ground to activate the relays in the controller. They draw about 30 milliamps per relay. The Hi-Z amps draw about 40 ma. maximum for each one. All total, the array will use approximately 1/4 amp at +13.8VDC. It is imperative that the voltage not suffer a large drop due to long connecting cables. This will reduce the Hi-Z amps abilities to handle large signals causing possible IMD increases. If you live in an area near any high power AM broadcast transmitters, the array may need a filter such as a hi-pass type to eliminate the large signals from any following systems. For use on 160 meters it is Very likely that a preamp will be needed to bring the levels up to a comfortable level. On 80 meters due to the greater sensitivity of the elements, a preamp may not be needed. This array has been designed to operate using the low cost RG-6 75 ohm cable.



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